23-fake military mission plates ex le petit lutin vert

There are now more fake cold war military mission plates in collections than real ones since several people bought le_petit_lutin_vert’s replicas (now karaya_352) and distressed them so that they looked genuine and old and resold them.
It is probably true to say that if you bought a cold war military mission plate during the end of 2009 or during 2010, it is 99% chance of being a fake. The true worth of these plates is perhaps USD 9.99!
The photo above shows 6, 8 and 9 before and after distressing as they got sold around Ebay with the prices getting ever higher.
There is no doubt whatsoever that these are the same plates as they have the tell-tale tiny errors that all le_petit_lutin_vert’s plates (now karaya_352) have.
For information on the very few real cold war military mission plates that still exist, see
from the expert in this field.

As of Jan 2012, these are the known current and former identities of the seller:
le_petit_lutin_vert, karaya_352, khe_sanh_1968, vous_pouvez_toujours_courir,
berlin_command, bluie_west_one, titou_280807, alpca_4898, condi_2008,
blind_bat_58226, mrs_high_heels, draggixa, austerlitz_1815, miss_wasp-waist,
capt_eddie_rickenbacker, lt_william_kilgore, papou120724