22a-Ebay le petit lutin vert fake USAF

In addition to his replica military mission plates, le_petit_lutin_vert (now karaya_352) also had these fake USAF plates made. As of early 2011, he is still selling them. Most are fairly close to the real thing but they are just cheap 5USD fakes. It is believed the Air America plate is just a fantasy design on a spare USAF base he found where he works for the military in France.

As of Jan 2012, these are the known current and former identities of the seller:
le_petit_lutin_vert, karaya_352, khe_sanh_1968, vous_pouvez_toujours_courir,
berlin_command, bluie_west_one, titou_280807, alpca_4898, condi_2008,
blind_bat_58226, mrs_high_heels, draggixa, austerlitz_1815, miss_wasp-waist,
capt_eddie_rickenbacker, lt_william_kilgore, papou120724