224-Ebay charly20011 fakes

German Ebayer charly20011 has been selling these fake or joke plates that were first noticed in October 2011. He has the decency to say the DDR plates are samples or test plates but the Kosovo plates are outright fakes and he does not say they are reproductions or poor quality copies. There are several copies of each of these plates he has sold and he has other registration numbers also.

Genuine DDR plates were never pressed, not on modern bases and never had the DDR Euroband or flag or EU circle of stars.

Genuine Kosovo plates are always pressed, on proper bases, and have an etched 8 digit computer serial number and barcode in the middle at the bottom. There is also a watermark printed in the reflective sheet.

Definitely an Ebay seller to be avoided.

You need to be very careful of any Kosovo plates as there is a Chinese company that advertises them for sale, again without the security features, as does www.licenceplates.tv, also without the security features.