223b-more Ebay 14recycling fakes2

Update No.2
American Ebayer 14recycling has been selling these fake or joke plates since October 2011 and says they are genuine plates. 14recycling of Chesterfield, IL and spfroc of Pioneer, CA appear to be the same seller.
It looks like they were all made in Thailand and most of them are nothing like a real plate from any of the countries they claim to be from. The Canadian Yukon plate was probably made in America I guess and is fairly close to the real thing but yet another fake.

You must check what you are buying and whether it is a real plate before bidding on Ebay or other web based auction sites. There are photo archives of genuine plates readily available on the web. Francoplaque and Plateshack are probably the biggest but there are many sites with pictures of genuine plates from most countries.