222-Ebay fachversandhandel-us-way-de US replica fakes

German Ebayer fachversandhandel-us-way-de sells these replica (fake) US plates at 89 Euro for 10 pieces. Expensive, as most of the plates are very plain issues and not special issues. The genuine ones are very easy and cheap to get.
They are also available from www.roadking.co.uk but are still expensive for what they are even there.
I think these have probably all been made in the USA and all the plates of the same design have the same number on them.
The designs are not too bad but many have slots instead of holes, they are not reflective and all of them are printed slightly wrong. Some have numbers that never existed on those bases. None have validation stickers on them and all of them have in small letters NOT FOR OFFICIAL USE © W ME either at the bottom left or right.
I believe there have been other designs and there are perhaps a total of about 150 different ones.
Expensive scrap really but the problem is some dishonest Ebayer could cover up the ‘not for official use’ with a fake sticker and claim they are real.

Check with the plate societies’ records and the online photo archives to see if a US plate is really genuine as there are now so many US replicas (fakes) available on Ebay.
http://www.plates.free.frwww.plates.free.fr (Francoplaque)
www.plateshack.com (Y2K licence plates)

They have also been sold on www.alegro.pl by:

If you have seen one, let me know if they are steel or aluminium and if you can send me bigger pictures please.