218-Seborga souvenir plates

Seborga is a small town in North West Italy near the French border with a population of about 350 people. It proclaimed it’s independence from Italy in 1995 as the Principality of Seborga but this is only of symbolic value as it is an integral part of Italy as the municipality of Seborga. Coins, stamps and licence (number) plates are made for sale to the many tourists who visit the ‘Principality’. The licence plates are illegal outside the municipality and even the late Prince Giorgio Carbone had to use regular Italian plates on his car with the booster plate SEBORGA 1.
In 1996 Seborga issued its own 2 line licence plates made from blue vinyl stickers on white plastic for use as boosters to regular Italian plates and as souvenirs for tourists. In 2000 a new series of blue on white pressed metal single line plates was issued and the previous squarer plates were withdrawn, with unused ones being kept for selling to tourists. Some vehicles circulate within the town with older style CC plates. Papers claiming to be Seborga vehicle registration documents are also known but these have no legal validity.
These plates were available from the tourist office in Seborga for 10EUR + postage and are probably best described as souvenir plates.