212-Cuba fakes mostly Ebay ippolitosca

Ebay seller ippolitosca (who is also chica001973, texwiller000 & annamaria0952) from Germany and Italy has been selling Cuban plates for most of 2010, 2011 and 2012. He has a lot of them and the ones I have seen are all located in Germany but at least one of his identities is registered in Italy. He does sell a few genuine Cuban plates but most of them are fakes.
muskel02 (who is also dumichauch88) in Germany also has a lot of the same fakes.
Most of these fakes are from the 1978 series and the real ones had a complicated system of colour, vehicle type name at the top, and registrations letters. The photo here is of some of the ones that are wrong in one or more ways. There are many copies of some of these plates.
Cuban plates were never well made in the days before the current series was introduced but the quality of these is very much worse. Some are made of very thin aluminium.

It is probably true to say that for every 10 Cuban plates sold on Ebay, 8 or 9 of them are fakes.
Do not buy Cuban plates unless you are 100% certain they are genuine. Check with Francoplaque, RPWO or seek advice before bidding or trading for any Cuban plate.

Some of the fakes in this photo have come from different sellers but ippolitosca and muskel02 have lots of each of these fakes.

Known sellers are:
ippolitosca, chica001973, annamaria0952, texwiller000, muskel02, dumichauch88, teuresblech, beckham2702, malecon007, silveroneok, marzahn24, ovmitte, shangri-las-2008, popusoiana02, mafiosi111, phelan7, wiantitroe,