211-Tristan Da Cunha (TDC) fakes

These are all believed to be outright fake Tristan da Cunha (TDC) plates:-
2, 7 and 21 are almost certainly J.D. Applegate fakes.
8, 15, 16 and 100 are known to be J.D. Applegate fakes. There are also several other JDA TDC fakes that exist but I do not have photos. For other JDA fakes, see JDA fakes.
4 is an unknown fake.
18, 23, 122 and 128 appear to be from the same source but the maker is unknown. They were possibly made in S. Africa.
111 is thought to have been made in Asia.
163 is a poor copy of a TDC souvenir plate (see Tristan Da Cunha (TDC) souvenir plates) but the maker is unknown.

Photos have been taken of nearly all genuine TDC ‘plates’ – 147 photos in all. Most are hand painted directly onto the vehicle. These fakes are nothing like those photographed in use.

If you have a TDC plate and are uncertain whether it is real or not, if you have a plate shown here and proof that it was a genuinely used plate on the island or if you have any information on other fake TDC plates, please get in touch.