207-Brazil souvenir plates

Plates can be bought as souvenirs in Rio De Janeiro and other towns in Brazil since there are shops that will make plates and tourist stalls that sell them. All of the plates in this picture are wrong in some way. The first 7 plates are just Rio souvenirs with the place name and the year on them. These souvenirs are nothing like real plates have been in Brazil at any time from the 1970s onwards. Two of the next 6 plates were made by collectors using their own, foreign to Brazil, vehicle registrations for their own collections. That is fine and the collectors still have the plates. The other four have been sold on Ebay and were probably made by dealers out to make a quick dollar. They are like the 1969 series plates but real plates never had 5 numerals. I am sure there will be others like these in collections.
The last 3 plates are all very poor copies of real Brazilian plates and have probably all been made to fool collectors.