203-Cuba fake souvenir 2002 series plates

There are many tourist stalls in Cuba and they all sell these hand made (with a hammer and punches) souvenir plates of the current type (2002-) used there.
Cuba has a complicated system whereby the colour of the plate, the vehicle class number at the bottom, the first (province) letter and the second (status of the owner) letter are related. None of the souvenir plates has this combination anywhere near correct.
Real Cuban plates are properly pressed and have a small serial number etched on them.

These souvenir plates are fairly easy to spot from the way they look home made and if you check the lists of letters vs. colours vs. vehicle class numbers, you can see they are wrong.

I don’t know if souvenir plates were available in the previous series before 2002. If anyone has any information about this or mint plates, get in touch please.