202-Ebay na201 fakes

Ebay seller na201 from Pattaya in Thailand is selling these and many, many other fakes. Plates in Thailand are owner provided and shops in every town will sell you whatever you want.
These are just a few of his fakes and every one is wrong. Some are close to the real thing but do not have the stamp on the back, the embossed seal or the stamped/etched serial number on the front of the plate.
Most of these plates are in the wrong colour and/or have the wrong serial letters for the vehicle class. The pink and blue plates are souvenirs that students sometimes buy when they graduate, are not legal on the roads and are not real licence plates at all. The police and army plates are wrong and the green moped plates are not actually required by law in Thailand, they are just plates that people sometimes put on their mopeds in whatever design, colour or style they fancy.
He also has (bottom right plate) what he calls a Korea plate. I think this is probably another cheap souvenir from China ÔÇô it is certainly not a real Korean plate of any sort.
A genuine collector of plates in Thailand has confirmed these are all fakes and says that there are also a lot of fake Thai graphic plates now on the market, none of which are correct.
One problem is that some of these fake plates may end up being distressed and sold on as genuine plates which will just confuse things even more.
It looks like you will all have to be VERY suspicious of any Thai plates that come up for sale or trade. Another case of one Ebay seller making it difficult for everyone else in his quest for a quick buck!

Remember, do not buy mint plates, a mint plate has almost certainly never been on a car and, in the case of Thailand, is almost certainly wrong!