201-Ebay pasapik made-to-order specials

Ebay seller pasapik (who is also ismaa3 – see picture 199) from near Madrid in Spain sells a lot of made-to order specials. Plates in Spain are owner provided so you can buy whatever you want in all the plate shops around the country. These plates have been made in Spain certainly but have never been on any vehicle there. They mostly have holes that he has made in them to make them look used and these have obviously been made by the same screws. He also likes to put strange holographic stickers on them that should not be there.
This picture is of CD plates of all types, military plates of all types, Cuetta and Melilla plates ÔÇô all the hard to get current ones as well as some current private vehicle plates that are almost certainly made-to-order. He has many of each type.
Basically he is just trying to part you from your money rather than being a genuine collector. You have been warned.
He has also sold Spanish police plates in the past but I do not have any pictures of those – sorry.

Remember, do not buy mint plates, a mint plate has almost certainly never been on a car and may well be wrong!