198-Ebay rosaire 1 (arden6886) Lebanon samples fakes

February 2011. Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada Ebayer rosaire_1 (who is also arden6886) has recently started selling these Lebanese plates of various different 1998 series vehicle classes. Although photos 127 and 128 show various similar fake or sample Lebanese plates like this, it is worth putting up this dodgy dealerÔÇÖs samples/replicas/fakes (you must decide the proper name but for me it is fake) as nearly all of these have registration numbers that cannot exist.
In Lebanon, the vehicle class is not only shown by the colour of the plate and the Arabic writing at the bottom left of the plate but also by a complicated system whereby blocks of numbers are allocated to each vehicle class. The private vehicle plate in this photo has a registration that is theoretically possible but, since it is mint and in the same number block as his other fakes, this must also be considered a fake.
The other five plates, if they were real, would have a letter and a six digit number in a particular reserved block according to vehicle class.
These are fakes.
I fear he may have many others.