197-Ebay europeancardriver (www.euplates.com) replicas fakes

February 2011. Seattle, Washington Ebay seller europeancardriver is selling this large batch of US made replica (or fake really) miscellaneous European plates. All have been made on a German machine, all are wrong in some way – wrong colour, wrong registration, wrong sticker, wrong base for the registration or wrong registration for that base, wrong dies for the age of plate, wrong dies for that country, etc. They must have been made by someone who had no idea about European registrations and who didn’t bother to check either. They are not much more than scrap aluminium really.
They have probably been made by yet another US replica plate company www.euplates.com based in Seattle, Washington. It is possible this company is now out of business and this is the fire sale – I am not sure, but the plates are very cheap and I guess we will soon see these appear on Ebay from the usual plate dealer crooks out to make a fast buck.
More and more reason never to buy mint plates and to check the archives to ensure any plate is at least correct in every way