180-Nepal typical made to order special

All normal series plates in Nepal are either made of hand painted sheet metal, a printed vinyl sticker on metal or a printed sheet or letters on plastic (Perspex or Plexiglass).

There are very many mint, unused, painted Nepalese plates in collections. People have them made specially and then sell them to collectors. Although they are made in Nepal, they have never been on any vehicle and some of them have the wrong code letters for what they are supposed to be. Nepal has a complicated code letter system to identify what sort of vehicle it is and hence the colour the plate should be. Be very careful of mint, unused, Nepalese plates; they may be completely wrong.

This is a typical example of a Nepalese mint, unused, made to order plate. Although heavy commercial vehicles in Nepal normally have a secondary plate with the whole registration in western characters, this plate only has a western number. This is not how genuine plates are made in Nepal.