149-Yemen various samples

Various Yemen samples:
35/124970 and 53/247901 are samples for the 1998 series private vehicles but there are no areas 35 or 53.
34528 is a Hoffmann sample for the 1986 series but this design was not used.
012523 is probably a 1986 series temporary plate and is thought to be a sample.
The J4696 plates in the middle are probably Utsch samples for the 1986 series and they did not get the contract.
727443 is a Hoffmann sample for a 1986 series tax free vehicle but is unused and has a way too high number.
The J6368, J3087 and yellow B1594 are all painted and I do not know if they were made in Europe as fakes or bought from a sign shop in Yemen. Either way, they are not real plates.
Blue 07250 is a sample for the 1993 private series but is the wrong colour, mint and Yemen did not use lead zeros.