128-Lebanon 1998 public TRANSPORT samples

Plates in Lebanon are owner provided, there are many shops that make plates and so there are many designs of plate. Many, many plates have been made specially for selling to collectors and, to someone who does not know the coding, look like real plates.
All Lebanese plates are in reserved blocks of numbers according to vehicle class and use and the vast majority of mint plates coming from Lebanon either have the wrong base for the number or just a wrong number.
The bottom right plate is supposed to be a rental car plate but the number is wrong for a rental car.
The other plates are some of the more than 50 public transport plate samples and they should have a specific block of numbers. Only one of these has the correct number on it. All were made, carelessly, by people who did not know the Lebanese system and just wanted something to part collectors from their money.
If you don’t mind buying/trading a Lebanese plate that looks good, is mint but is wrong, then I am sure these will continue to appear on Ebay for years to come.